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Hey..!! Everyone❤🧿

It’s srishti pandey here from India delhi, ur little poet . Right now I’m 16yrs old and I just wanna to express some of my unsaid words to this alluring world through the help of my poetry….I started this beautiful journey of mine from 8th grade when everyone was just stucked in their homes I was trying to do some thing unique and I did it too…well it’s 2023 and now I’m in 11th when I was in 9th grade I touched 1.5k followers on insta but due to some personal reasons that all got vanished now.but still I didn’t lose my hope yet so, I’m here once again with my whole vitality. Till now only one of my poem got published In the book THE FEELING AND SACRIFICE OF MOTHER and it’sjust not enough for me I want to touch that sky and…I wish u guys will definitely support me in my this journey….and all I need is back of u ppls…. THANK YOU🌼🙏!!